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Close Look United Foundation

Providing Opportunities

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Empowering Youth

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Our Community

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What We Do

Close Look United (CLU) Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that operates with the objective of engaging with youth, by providing them with multiplatform opportunities to express their talents and voices within the community.

The foundation hosts a talent show every year, with the very goal of investing in the city of Surrey’s reservoir of cultural diversity and encouraging youth to showcase their artistic talents. This display of cultural diversity promotes the awareness, participation and understanding of different cultural groups in the city.

Our foundation distributes cash awards to the youth so that they can pursue their passion & take their talent to the next level. It also gives them an incentive to uplift their confidence & self-esteem.

We want you to shine.


This is a message calling on all creators, artists, performers, writers, poets, and musicians. Express yourself, venture out of their comfort zone, and embrace their true self.
Close Look is here to support you, and for you to take the spotlight to showcase your unique qualities.

We provide the stage for the youth to exhibit their amazing skills and talents. We foster an environment of nurturance, to encourage and boost the self esteem of the younger generation. By celebrating your potential and skills, we help you to embrace your true potential.

To invest in the lives of youth, Close Look is involved in providing that platform for youth to engage in a positive direction, away from antisocial behaviours.



Providing Opportunities.


We organize and host community events for aspiring youth to showcase their talents and passions. This can be the chance of a lifetime for much of the younger generation who can have difficulties finding a stage.


Empowering Youth


We want youth in our community to see one another and grow confidence together. Seeing others around their age can make an enormous contribution in helping them get out in front of the world.


Empowering Youth


We want youth in our community to see one another and grow confidence together. Seeing others around their age can make an enormous contribution in helping them get out in front of the world.


Our Community


We have a dedicated group of volunteers who are motivated to make a difference in our communities. Connect with us today if you also believe in our cause.


Board of Directors

Vern Haubrich

CloseLook is an important organization to me for many reasons. It speaks to three of my great passions: work with youth, leadership, and embracing culture. I have a Masters Degree in Leadership and Training. I’ve travelled all over the world; living and working in Peru, Saudi Arabia, and China. Now settled back in Canada I find the core values of the grassroots CloseLook organization are aligned very well with my own, so much so when I was invited to be a volunteer Board Member, I couldn’t say no. I’ve worked my whole Canadian career in social services and I’m happy to use those experiences to help steer this organization under the amazing guidance of CEO, Simmy Cheema.


Raj Nagi

Raj Nagi owns and operates Elite Limousine on a full time basis and with proceeds from the business likes to support local organizations and charities. He is a business man and a family man who enjoys spending time with his children, weather it be at home doing nothing or out and about in nature or the city. His hobby is studying world religions and listening to audio books while at the same time encouring others to live life abudentely and in the now.


Pam Sandhu

Graduated from UBC with a Bachelor’s of Education and has a background in Science and Business. She has worked with the Surrey School District for over 15 years and currently works as a Career Development Facilitator. She is passionate about inspiring youth to become their best selves and to create more opportunities for youth.


Kashmir K. Besla

Kashmir K. Besla is a registered clinical counsellor with over twenty years of experience. She runs a successful private practice in Surrey BC. Kashmir works in a diverse range of areas from mental health, relationship and trauma issues. She can be reached at kashmirbesla@gmail.com


Sam Chimes

Sam “Chimes” Adimora is an entrepreneurial audio artist working in the film and music industry. He has successfully travelled around the world with his music and continues to grow his experience and knowledge in order to be a greater asset to his networks. You may find Sam either conducting a street performance show, on a film set working in front or behind the camera, or sitting quietly by a beautiful beach somewhere in the world.


Our Supporters

We want to thank all our supporters and sponsors who believe in making a difference in someone's life. We have received tremendous support from Surrey Honda, John Volken Academy, FinTech Creative, MJM Furniture, Avenue Dental, N G Sidhu Law, ONYX Led Floor, Isle of Mann, Zenterra, One Step Solutions, Balwant Mann of Canada Financial, Moe Khan, A1 Sports, Ideal Signs & the City of Surrey.

We are also thankful to honorable Ken Hardie and honorable Jagrup Brar for continuing to believe in our initiatives.