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“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” ​- Franklin D. Roosevelt

About Us

Who Are We ?

Close Look Productions Ltd. is a multifaceted media and community based social enterprise, that delivers value to the communities in the lower mainland, at large. Through various projects showcased on diverse platforms, such programming has media influence in different languages, on some of the most reputed television channels. The platform is catered to diverse cultures and ages, ranging from 13 to 60 years. Families, including youth, parents and grandparents are encouraged to participate on the platform to address the knowledge gap that exists amongst generations.

It’s more than a show – it’s a MOVEMENT!

Our Mission

Close Look looks forward to bridge the gap between generations, through a common language of arts and culture. We achieve this by providing resources and platforms which include television, print, and digital platforms.

Our Vision

Offering inspiration to our community, through our community.

Our Founders

Simmy Cheema

Founder & CEO

Sahil Sharma


Our Supporters

We want to thank all our supporters and sponsors who believe in making a difference in someone's life. We have received tremendous support from Surrey Honda, John Volken Academy, FinTech Creative, MJM Furniture, Avenue Dental, N G Sidhu Law, ONYX Led Floor, Isle of Mann, Zenterra, 1 Step Solution, Balwant Mann of Canada Financial, Moe Khan, A1 Sports, Ideal Signs & the City of Surrey.

We are also thankful to honorable Ken Hardie and honorable Jagrup Brar for continuing to believe in our initiatives.

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