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Close Look

Close Look provides a local and global platform to the younger generation, encouraging them to
showcase their talents and share their success stories. Close Look fosters inspiration within our
community, through our community.

In addition, our purpose is to bridge the gap between generations, through a common language of arts that are presented on television and social media.

Close Look on Shaw:

Vancouver Airtimes

Tuesday – 10 PM

Sunday – 3:30 AM

Calgary Airtimes

Tuesday – 11 PM

Sunday – 4:30 AM

Desi Close Look

Desi Close Look focuses on inspirational and successful stories of South Asians, whether they are cab drivers, construction workers, business owners, farmers, artists athletes, etc. These are the people who believe in a positive, balanced and healthy lifestyle.

These real experiences and stories provide inspiration to the South Asian community, with messages that resonate with the viewers.

Desi Close Look on Shaw:

Vancouver Airtimes

Tuesday – 1:30 PM

Friday – 5:30 AM

Monday – 2:30 AM

Calgary Airtimes

Tuesday – 2:30 PM

Friday – 6:30 AM

Monday – 3:30 AM

Desi Close Look on OMNI:


Saturday – 12:00 PM

Monday – 1:00 PM

Wednesday – 10:30 AM


Saturday – 8:30 AM

OMNI Alberta

Saturday – 7:30 AM

Our Supporters

We want to thank all our supporters and sponsors who believe in making a difference in someone's life. We have received tremendous support from Surrey Honda, John Volken Academy, FinTech Creative, MJM Furniture, Avenue Dental, N G Sidhu Law, ONYX Led Floor, Isle of Mann, Zenterra, One Step Solutions, Balwant Mann of Canada Financial, Moe Khan, A1 Sports, Ideal Signs & the City of Surrey.

We are also thankful to honorable Ken Hardie and honorable Jagrup Brar for continuing to believe in our initiatives.

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